Bill Vlaad


Bill Vlaad

Bill is a reformed Investment Banker, served time in corporate development and has dabbled as an entrepreneur. He has been fired twice, has gone through the process of negotiating severance, dealing with lawyers and the anxiety of looking for new career directions. He has been sold a bill of goods from headhunters in the past, and has had to work with the dilemma of being represented by a recruiting firm without control of the process. So with all that experience, what he has learned as a father of three and from an MBA from a school formerly called Western, he has built a strong group of people around him to form Vlaad and Company.

Now headquartered at 56 Temperance St in Toronto, Vlaad and Company literally started out of his kitchen, then into his neighbour's garage, next to a few local Starbucks (where he is still often spotted).

Bill tries to stave off weight through boxing and running, and gave up on his hair long ago. He rarely hits under 100 but is always willing to take a free round of golf if offered. During the winter he schleps north to ski at Alpine, spending the days there desperately trying to stay upright and out of the trees.

Lastly, he thanks you for taking the time to read the team bios and hopes your experience with Vlaad and Company is a positive one.