Ling Shih


Ling Shih

Ling began recruiting in the banking and financial services world in 2006. Upon graduating from her hometown Queen's University, she headed to Toronto to play in the big leagues with a Big 4 accounting firm. Let's say her personality and audit did not jive, so, when the opportunity presented itself in the wonderful world of recruitment, she made her move. Since then she has been discovering the best talent in the areas of M & A, Corporate and Investment Banking, Private Equity, Equity Research and finance accounting. As a true believer in integrity, she has always taken extra care to understand the people and jobs she fills. Ling's open communication style ensures a smoother and happier recruitment process for everyone involved. She has worked for large global and locally managed firms and both experiences drove home for Ling how important agencies are in helping organizations recruit top talent.

In her spare time you can find her at the Adelaide Club challenging a newbie to a round of Crossfit, or on King Street schooling the instructors on Windsor Pilates. She's an introverted extrovert with a thirst for bold red wines, engaging conversation and a genuine interest in the people she associates with. If asked to choose between her boyfriend or their dog, she would probably choose the dog but everyone knows her boyfriend would do the same.

When she's off, she unplugs with globe-trotting and names Nepal as her favourite country.

One thing everyone can count on with Ling is her genuine approach and dedication to an open communicative recruitment process.