Yara Shammas


Yara Shammas

Every search has a start and a finish. As a recruitment associate, Yara is responsible for helping map out what happens in between.

Naturally inquisitive, determined, and friendly, Yara seemed like a natural fit for a career in recruitment and a perfect fit for the Vlaad team.

Yara, who hails from Jordan, came to Canada in pursuit of a degree in Law. But during her journey towards becoming a lawyer, she discovered a new passion for human psychology and behaviour, and eventually shifted paths.

Upon graduating from Carleton University with a double honours degree in Psychology and Communications, Yara was able to leverage her interest into a recruitment role for a tech-based consulting company. She quickly came to understand the differences between a career and a job, and developed the empathy necessary to help candidates navigate the oftentimes stressful phase known as job hunting.

Despite moving to a new country, changing her educational goals, and learning about capital markets, Yara has lived up to the challenges that have come her way and still approaches everything with a smile. Her greatest accomplishment to date has been her ability to adapt to change without compromising who she is.

When she is not chewing on her pen, researching and interacting with candidates just as motivated as her, Yara is all about the outdoors. Whether she is biking, hiking, lounging on an inflatable water tube during the summer, or skating in the winter, she always takes the time to appreciate every moment …while also getting some much-deserved vitamin D.