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2019 Spooky Predictions

October 30, 2019  

Spooky Predictions It might seem a tad early, but in fact it is time once again for the annual Spooky Predictions – prognostications of possible events for fiscal 2020.

6 years in a row! 6!!! This is the number of correct best male actor Oscar nods we have picked correctly, in a row.. at the end of October! BEFORE nominations are out! We are now beyond wizard level! We are considering opening a Vlaad and Company betting arm! However, there is huge field to choose from this year making it our most challenging prediction yet. I am gonna’ have to go with Leo.. again. I just don’t think Joaquin is likeable enough. But I do think QT will get the best director nod.. more out of courtesy than the quality of the product – he is only making one more movie, and if that one is a nutter then we miss awarding one of the best directors of a generation.

Here are other predictions:

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