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July 10, 2020  

Due to the great feedback for our “new rules for singing during the pandemic” 3D a couple of weeks back, we thought we would boil down some simple rules around handshaking in this new world:

The “traditional” Greco-Roman handshake, used since the 5th century BC, is in a coma at least until a vaccine is found and some, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, believe we should never shake hands again. In its place, the head bob (be sure to maintain eye contact) and the shoulder high, single hand, wave, seem to have the most use. Although many younger professionals are leading a silent movement to incorporate the “foot bump” into daily use. King Henry VI banned kissing on the cheek back in the 14th century and we are advising keeping that verboten. Also in the trash bin of no longer acceptable public contact are the “high five” and the “chest pump”. There is also a head to head battle right now between the fist bumps and the elbow bumps. But make your intentions clear going in, as elbows bumps put you within the 6 feet danger zone and a fist to an elbow is just bad form…and hurts if you are coming in with any speed. Scientists are still factoring in the basic hug as a safer alternative to handshakes, but I don’t see that taking hold in the office in 2020. But a personal favourite is the “namaste” or gentle bow used for eons in many parts of the world. Our world could use a gentler, yet respectful and safe greeting. But maybe we will hear refs say “Now bump elbows and come out fighting.”

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