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Distractions, Diversions & Detours

August 21, 2020  

How did the past me think the future me would react when the future me opened the now dusty Rubbermaid bin the past me filled with my university assignments, exams, papers and awards (award is more correct)?  Did the past me believe he was clever and that the subjects covered in those papers mattered enough that the future me would read them again after getting marked? Did the past me give any consideration that the future me might betray the past me and ridicule the past me’s innocence and self deprecate over the poor use or grammar and lack of original thought put into these assignments?  How many times have I moved, schlepping these bumptious barnacles from basement storage to basement storage?  Did the past me hope my future kids would stumble upon them one day, and upon reading, marvel at theirs father’s scholastic mediocrity? Or more likely, amaze that they found a source of the boring crap the future me would spew around the dinner table? Maybe I will ask the recycling truck drivers what they think?  There is a better chance they look through this junk than anyone in this house. 

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