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June 26, 2020  

As we enter Phase 2.c.ii.(a) of the global reopening there are many new rules to follow.  Such as no singing in public.  To help, we have summarized other singing considerations near us(1):

Singing in public spaces is strongly discouraged with or without a mask;

During religious services, only the religious leader may sing;

Humming during chants, hymns, psalm, etc. in these religious establishments is permitted;

The National Anthems can also be hummed, both official languages;

You may sing with up to 10 people in your home, but don’t let the neighbours see you dance (yeap, that too is discouraged). 

More than 10 people in your home becomes a gathering and there are a whole other set of rules to follow.

Whistling is verboten; unless it is “Walk like an Egyptian”…or “Piano Man”…or any Roger Whittaker song;

Throat singing is allowed if everyone singing is in a circle with their backs towards each other;

At the time of this writing singing in the shower and car is still legal, (see above about max of 10 people);

Notwithstanding the above, singing of Nickelback is always discouraged.

We hope these clarifications help.

  1. These are not official considerations. 
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