You are the sum total of your experience, personality and potential. We want to get to know you better. We want to understand your sum total.
What we’re looking for in a candidate
  • Professional out-performer
  • Track record of success
  • Top tier education
  • Appreciates and understands the industry's cadence

You are looking for the right employer, just as they are looking for the right candidate. To get the most out of your experience, show us your best side, polish your resume, and demonstrate effective skill development.
How we help you
Your skills may land you the job, but we get you in the room with the best firms in the industry. By choosing to partner with Vlaad and Company, you are choosing a firm with deep access into the capital markets space. We pride ourselves in working with the best the street has to offer, whether it be clients, our exclusive searches, or candidates like yourself.

We will work closely with you - from your initial meeting with our recruiters, through the interview process, to placement and into the start of your new role.


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Sector Focus
  • Capital Markets
  • Private Equity
  • Corporate Development
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Asset Management
  • Credit and Fixed Income
  • Client Facing Roles
  • Institutional Functions
  • Valuation Functions
  • Real Assets
  • Buyside
  • Sellside


Number of candidates we have successfully connected to great opportunities.

Candidate FAQs

How do recruitment agencies work?
There are many recruitment models in the industry. At Vlaad and Company, clients hire us to find great candidates that match their needs. Many candidates assume that going directly to the company increases their appeal as they come without a “headhunting” fee. However, recruiters are hired to manage the whole recruiting process. In addition, clients engage our services in part because they want us to meet and screen candidates, avoiding a dual recruitment process. In essence, fees are paid for the entire recruitment process, not just levied on the successful candidate.
What is the recruitment process like for a candidate?
We can only speak to our process, which is best defined as “respectful.” Our recruitment process is dynamic, and multifaceted. We do our best to control the elements of a search that need controlling, such as logistics and negotiations. Our goal is to ensure you feel respected throughout the search process, regardless of the outcome.
Can you provide tips on how to prepare for an interview with a recruiter?
Our blog is filled with volumes of helpful material to help you prepare. Click here for more »
What should I ask a recruiter before an interview?
Whatever you like! Career changes are stressful and complex events. Ask us anything that would provide you with more confidence that the role is the right fit.
What are good questions to ask during an interview?
Think of questions that fall under these subjects: role-specific, firm-specific, industry-specific and questions regarding what success looks like for you and the firm.
What skills on my resume should I highlight?
You are interviewing for a specific role, but the client is interviewing to find someone who can help them solve an issue or problem. Highlight skills that demonstrate how your experience can help solve that issue or problem. Check out this blog post on how to customize your resume.
Can you provide tips on how to ask for career to introduce yourself to a recruiter on LinkedIn?
Never open with an ask – try to add value first. Provide the recruiter with market colour, compensation ranges, news, etc. This demonstrates you are “in the know” and will provide the recruiter with confidence that you are a valuable candidate. The recruiter will then think more holistically about opportunities for you.
Do you have any tips on how to manage my professional brand?
Your professional brand is about how you are represented both digitally and in-person.

As an example, have you searched your name in Google recently? You should. Make sure that what the web is saying about you is the most up-to-date, powerful and best representation of your brand.

Remember, the internet is permanent. Make sure your most important posts are the most prominent.

Check out this blog post for tips on how to look your best on LinkedIn.
How do I land a Bay Street job?
Start a relationship with us! However, if you are looking for a job on Bay, Burrard, McGill or Wall, it is best not to call it “looking for a job.” Rather, focus on building a career. That might sound like a pedantic detail, but the approach to achieving the two are extremely different. We focused on building careers. The finance sector is fortunate to have access to some of the best minds in the work force. To build a career anywhere in finance, strive to be the best in all that you do.


Thought leadership and resources to broaden your perspective on what it takes to succeed in today’s financial sector.


Thought leadership and resources to broaden your perspective on what it takes to succeed in today’s financial sector.

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