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5-Point Email

May 21, 2017  
  1. Fewer than 100 words- this is not time for a story. Remember the 60 second limit.
  2. No mention of jobs anywhere (subject or body)- they know what it is about.
  3. Connection goes first- why is this important? For the same reason that nearly every pop song plays its chorus or primary hook, in the first thirty seconds- you need to give the contact a reason to care quickly so he or she will actually pay attention. Identifying your connection to the contact right up front maximized your chance of getting your message read.
  4. Generalize your interest- leave them wanting more!
  5. Finally, your telephone number should be in every one of your emails. Including reply emails. Do you want to miss out on an opportunity because they can’t call you? You would be amazed how many emails we get without telephone numbers available.

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