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Acing the Interview

April 11, 2018  

The most important thing when it comes to actually acing the interview is walking in to the interview with a winner’s mindset. It’s about actually psyching yourself up so that you have the positive energy of a winner prior to going in.

A winner’s mindset starts before you leave the house. It is about looking at yourself in the mirror, making sure that you feel confident; you’ve got your best outfit on, your magic pen in your pocket, business cards, you had a good night sleep, you have reviewed the company you are interviewing with, you have reviewed your resume prior to going in and you are feeling confident that you’re going to be able to answer all of their questions. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get this opportunity.

Having a winner’s mindset is like a ski race, a running race or say, a football game. You don’t just show up, put on your outfit and then, boom, you are playing a game. You psych yourself up from the night before, at breakfast, and the drive over, putting on your headphones and getting your head in the game.

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