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Benjamin Franklin Effect

July 17, 2018  

When somebody does you a “proper,” when somebody actually does you a favour, they are actually more likely to do you a favour again in the future because they received positive return for their invested time. This is called the Benjamin Franklin Effect.

When they help you shingle your roof there are result from their efforts. Yes, they’re tired, but they’ve actually gained a bunch of experience and they’ve had a good time doing so.  It’s actually more likely that person will help you again because you’ve actually invested in a relationship. It’s called the Benjamin Franklin Effect (I have no idea why at this point).

But if you do not follow up with them with thanks and with results showing them the roof or in this case, sharing the results of the mentoring that they’ve provided, then you’ve lost out on a very effective human behavioural trait, and wasted a good relationship building opportunity.

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