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Clear Message

October 19, 2018  

Provide your audience with a very clear and concise overview of the type of role that you are looking for. Make it as defined and as clear as you can, such that you implant in their minds a picture such that if they hear of a role that matches your criteria they immediately think of you.

Your focus should be so definitive that they have no other option but to think of you when they hear about that. It’s amazing how many opportunities present themselves to individuals during the course of the day, but are discounted almost completely because there’s no recourse. They’re not thinking of anybody who wants a particular role.

As a recruiter, we think of our candidates much more frequently. And when we hear of opportunities, we are implementing the Baader-Meinof phenomenon by saying, “OK, we know somebody that could sit in that role because that person has been very clear to us in terms of what it is they are looking for.”

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