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Contemporary Methods of Networking – Email Marketing

June 5, 2018  

Let’s talk about email blasting. Is it a form of effective or ineffective networking?

If you have 500 people in your electronic Rolodex and you blast it off to 500 people that you are changing careers, then yeah, that’s a very effective tool because people can quickly update their contact information for you.

But is that really networking? No. That is non-dynamic, information sharing. Networking is about being deep, dynamic sharing of information.  Sending an email blast saying, “HHHHHey my name is Jim and I just lost my job at ABC Co. I used to be a treasurer and now I’m looking for a job doing A, B, C, or D.” is not effective. That’s almost a sign of desperation. You may say to yourself, “OK. In one email blast I’m going to let 500 people know that this is what I’m looking for.” However, what you’re really doing is you’re providing then just a thin level of information that provides no personal characteristics or no personal depth required for true networking and so, while the information may be out there, the chances of anybody picking up and helping you out are very slim.

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