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Contemporary Methods of Networking – Follow Up Networking

May 29, 2018  

As recruiters, we meet dozens upon dozens of people over the course of a week. Let’s say, in any given period of time, we meet a hundred candidates. How many of those 100 responded with a follow up email?  How many people respond with a follow up phone call? And, how many of those people respond with a follow up in any other form, such as a personalized letter, a gift or an invitation to some sort of event?

The reality is, and maybe this is just Vlaad and Company, but the amount of people that respond with an email to anything we do is only about 10%. The amount of people who follow up with a call is a fraction of that and it is very rare to get any sort of personalized return response.

And I will say this – those that do respond with an email (usually subconsciously and because in our database we keep track of people that email us) will be remembered a lot more frequently than the 90% of people that don’t respond. It’s a very easy thing to do as long as it is genuine. If you’re going to send something to anyone in your follow up, make sure that it is genuine.  And it is not appropriate to send someone a dinner at a famous restaurant for 30 minutes of their time on the phone with you. But something unique and personalized goes a long way.

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