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Contemporary Methods of Networking – Work for Free

June 12, 2018  

Here’s another contemporary method of Networking, and before you start laughing, let us explain: If you can afford the time, say one or two days a week, then there is no reason not to volunteer your time. Volunteering for a client or friend will allow you to keep up your skills in the industry — getting rusty will only hurt your job search or growth. This exposure could also lead too new contacts that could help short and long term. It’s a foot in the door that pays in other ways than money. It may also improve your morale, since you will be busy and productive. 

Before using this method, however, make sure you have a strategy in place. Be careful to find the sweet spot between looking for a return for your time and being taken advantage of. This method is extremely situational and you should know your exit strategy before starting.

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