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Digital Image – Facebook

January 25, 2018  

If you have intertwined your personal and your professional life on Facebook and you’ve got pictures of your Cuba trip, your new baby or your bowling tournament, HR or whoever is interviewing you, is going to see that – 100% your Facebook will be reviewed. And that’s all very well and good. However, you need to think about how this impacts your professional brand.

If it’s already out there, then you need to find a way to manage that. You can go out and clean up Facebook by taking photos out or removing posted stories or you can at least minimize its impact. If you have a perpetual professional branding issue that is beyond repair, you could actually hire PR firms and lawyers to clean up your image. They dedicate resources to clean up your brand. It is expensive, so start now and think about your long-term digital image. Find out how far your digital image extends and ensure you spend some time working through your digital image brand.

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