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Don’t be that Candidate

January 7, 2019  

Thought some of you might appreciate reading about a few interviews we have had with actual candidates. We strongly suggest not attempting any of these.

Candidate A: Came in chewing gum. Did not try to hide or slide it behind the rear molars. They actually blew a small bubble!
Candidate B: Had two unbuttoned shirt buttons. Focusing on the interview is impossible when a belly button is staring at you.
Candidate C: This guy came in angry – red hot, table-slamming angry. No one likes to present a ticking time bomb to a client. We advise following the motto, “if you have nothing good to say about your previous employer, say nothing.”
Candidate D: She missed the interview and never called or emailed to explain why.
Candidate E: This candidate didn’t realize that we do our research on the people we interview and tried to wrap us up in 20 minutes of lies as to why they were let go from a previous employer. The truth comes out. Coming clean is best.
Candidate F: Assumed we do not communicate with our clients and told us they were not interested in the opportunity only to proceed to contact the client directly, assuming they would get a better response. Clients do not often take kindly to candidates using “back doors”.
Candidate G: This candidate didn’t share their securities violations with us – but our due diligence did.

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