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January 17, 2018  

Your email address can say a great deal about your age. For instance, if you have a Sympatico email address, without even checking, people know you are likely older because nobody since 2001 has a new Sympatico account. Someone looking at your account will assume you were a professional or a young individual back when floppy disks were still around.

Also, if your email is and you’re sending resumes from this email to people who would be reviewing your resume and emailing to communicate with you for interviews, what professional brand image would this convey in the marketplace? It should be something easy and that can’t be confused or mistyped.

My name is Bill Vlaad and although relatively simple, people mess it up all the time by putting one A, or V-A-L-D or any other number of iterations. If you have a very complicated last name, as wonderful as your family heritage is, just ask yourself whether or not you want to lose out on an offer because someone spelled it incorrectly. Amazon said that for every extra second it takes for a person to load up a webpage of theirs, they lose a billion dollars. Translate that into what we’re discussing about emails. Are you willing to take that chance?

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