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Framing Your Resume

December 16, 2018  

Framing of the resume is equally important. You have to aim for perfection. You should literally pick up the page and look at it from the side; look at it from the bottom of the page up; from the top of the page down; and take a look at the weight of the lettering; the location of the dashes and dots; the indents, are they aligned; the justification; the spacing between various paragraphs. They have to be exactly precise. You’re dealing with an Industry likely where perfection is expected.

You may not get it every time, but if your resume has errors or shows sloppiness, you are done before you started. It is important your resume uses active language. Passive language shows poorly in the resume, especially considering that a resume is looked at very, very quickly. So, you need to have active punchy language. And if you’d like to know more about how to utilize active language, you can do a little bit online search to become better at that.

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