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August 12, 2018  

Leverage is an interesting term. In this example, leverage is defined as getting tools to work more efficiently. If you can literally have a lever or a pulley or a wedge that will make the task easier, you’ve achieved leverage from your network. The best way to do that is to make sure you first define people within your network efficiently so that you’ll know who you’re tapping and what they can offer – before you reach out to them. The reality is that somebody who is not in your network currently is likely not willing to do that much to progress your career.

If you only know somebody peripherally, do you really trust them to have your best interest at heart when looking for something important as your career?

If you’ve got 150 to 200 people within your network and you try to communicate with a meaningful portion of them, let’s say 50, (which is still a very big chunk), you can imagine that after a period of time, coordinating all of the telephone calls, meetings, emails, personal interviews, sending out of documentation, making sure that they’re prepped to understand truly what you want, is going to become a very cumbersome task.

So, we think it’s very important that you write down who is who first before venturing out and misusing your network.  Leverage those you know best and who have the most to offer your current job search process, first. Seems logical but it is amazing how many people just start at letter A and work to Z.  that is not leverage.  That is pin the tail on the donkey.

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