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Managing Change

November 17, 2017  

Whether or not you left by choice, it is natural to have an emotional reaction to this change and to feel stress. Since work represents a significant proportion of your time and energy, leaving or changing jobs will usually create more stress than other major life events. In fact, a job loss ranks as one of the highest causes of stress.

The most difficult part of change is dealing with endings. When you lose your job, you have to let go of many things, including a sense of belonging, routine, salary, recognition, work relationships and so on.

Loss of Identity

“I’m an Equity Trader. What else can I do?”

 Loss of Structure

“What do I do now from 6-6 everyday?”

Loss of Income

“How am I going to pay my mortgage?”

It is important for you to take time to identify what was lost and think about how these losses can lead to new beginnings.

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