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Networking Follow Up

July 8, 2018  

It is important to follow up with your network if you come across something of value.  Following up could be just to provide them with information. If you attended a networking session, you’re going to likely learn many things that other attending members are interested in or is inquisitive about or has experienced in their life. Take note of these and put them in your database.  That way you can follow up with something of value to them and at the same time show them that you were listening.

With respect to your career objectives, following up with progress and activity of your efforts is very valuable as well. If you’re interviewing with an individual or if you’re networking with somebody within your network and you talked about setting up an introduction, follow up with what the recourse of that said meeting or phone call was like. The individual that shared information or that listened to you talk through your strategies, will be very appreciative and will think of your needs more often.

The next time you ask them, the Ben Franklin Effect will be on your side.

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