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Resume Executive Summary

September 10, 2018  

This one is a toss up. Some say an executive summary in a resume it is not needed, others want to see it. We believe if it is short and too the point it is fine. Show you are #1 almost without question. If you were the best at something, put it on. This is about monetizing all the hard work you’ve done up until this point. And believe it or not the main idea here is NOT to send a resume. Resumes are tools to be sent as a very last resort.

Often hiring managers rely on resumes as risk management tools – providing back up on why NOT to hire someone. Yes, we realize it is Canadian to request a resume but people are trying to hire a person not a piece of paper. If we have an effective professional profile, (LinkedIn and voice presence) coupled with strong interview skills, a resume should be redundant to the process. However, in future LinkedIn posts we will make sure to provide advise to make sure that tool is perfect as well.

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