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September 29, 2018  

A Resume is a tool to get a dialogue going. Not a tell all document. The problem with traditional resume designs is that they generally just provide a bunch of words. They fill a page with a bunch of data, but there’s few value words. They’re just words. All your words need to identify “so what.” You’ve managed 16 people. So what? You looked after $3.2 billion of assets under management. So what? You have to put all that information in a context of where you want to go. And I can’t answer that today, everybody’s situation is different.

If you’re going to say that you’ve managed 16 people, it’s only effective if the role that you are trying to accomplish has some sort of managerial responsibility in it. You’ve managed $3.2 billion of assets under management with a return of such and such, and giving you the experience to dah, dah, dah. You need to show where you’re going with the experience gathered in the past in a way that will help you move forward into the future.

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