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Telephone Calls

May 17, 2018  

Calling an individual is one-step higher in the submission Ladder of Success (more on this in other posts) towards getting a face to face with an individual where you can really show who you are. Phone calls are very scary things for a lot of people. It’s amazing how many people do not like talking on the phone.

Phones are still not face-to-face, they’re impersonal and we are becoming more comfortable with email technologies. But a phone call is necessary to getting a meeting with the right person. It’s still not our preferred face-to-face meeting, but it does show your hiring manager another facet of your ability. Being able to speak on the phone is a critical element in almost any job. You have to sell your abilities in multiple formats, email and your ability to write is one; phone calls and your ability to speak is another.

The phone call needs to be managed in terms of duration, content, as well as timing. With respect to duration, you have to think about how long the call will be. How much material can I get across? We strongly suggest that you write a script or at least bullets to a script before getting on the phone.

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