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Thank you notes

January 17, 2019  

Everyone is told to send a ‘thank you’ after an interview – or a dinner party. However, surprisingly, fewer than 20% of candidates we interview send one. And the percentage is in the single digits of those who write a personalized card or send a follow up thank you with some type of additional information discussed within the interview. Here is free option to step ahead of the competition and few capitalize on it. An email gets little notice and is easily discarded, but at the very minimum send one!

Try adding value to your ‘thank you’ email with the inclusion of some market intelligence relevant to the interviewer. Did you talk about recent vacations or about a recent deal? If so, providing color on that material shows you were listening and you were interested.

A handwritten card, is always a nice touch. Include a newspaper clipping of interest to you or to the reader! Most jobs in our industry deal in some form with client management. Even if those clients are internal. Sending a handwritten card speaks to the personal attention you would provide clients. But please, be it a card or an email, use it as an opportunity to get something else out of the relationship.

Another meeting, an introduction or some market colour – anything. Ask a question or request a response that will ensure your ‘thank you’ isn’t the end of the relationship but instead another volley in the communication chain started between you and the interviewer.

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