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The Cover Letter

September 1, 2018  

We believe that cover letters are unnecessary. Because you are applying to this job, you are likely going to be talking to an individual. Therefore, in place of a cover letter should be your 6 in 60 speech (see other LinkedIn postings). Typically, someone from HR is likely your first touch point.

HR likely does not understand the role better then the front line person you will report to. Therefore, it is advised when possible, to avoid an introduction through HR. Even if HR is posting the role, do your due diligence and find out who is the front line contact. Caution however, do not approach them and say, “I saw the posting and didn’t want to go through HR.” Do that and you have upset both sides.

Instead, make it appear like someone suggested you call. If asked, do not give credit to hearing about a posting online. Just approach it as if you are a star and have interest in talking. And when you get that meeting with the front line person. They don’t read cover letters either. They want to hear from you why you are right for the job – not read it.

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