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The Importance of Visualization

April 5, 2018  

If you’re looking for a new career, you have to actually know what it looks like. You have to visualize that role. Visualize when you get to work, when you leave work, how you’re getting paid, who you’re working for, who your clients are, the types of task you’re doing in a day, everything about that role, much like an actor would visualize the character that they’re portraying.

In your mind, walk yourself through what this job is all about. You have to know what career you’re actually going to get into prior to going into the interview. Just like a skier at the top of the hill; they close their eyes and visualize their path down the hill. It may seem foolish, but you have to think of yourself sitting in the chair doing the job, it requires a great deal of thought and time. But if you can do this, you’re going to walk into the interview confidently.

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