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October 30, 2018  

Most people employ a “Post and Pray” model of job search where they find out about a job and post their resume. After that they sit back and wait for a response. Sound familiar? Before internet job postings grew in popularity in the late 1990’s, the job was a simple (though tedious) process. cold calls by phone or mail were often all it would take to get an interview. It felt like progress.

The candidates were satisfied as they felt that they were doing something. The alternative to satisfying is “maximizing.” The name of the game in today’s career search is a mix of high-and-low-tech specifically, using technology to locate a living, breathing advocate for you within your target employers as efficiently as possible.

For more information like this, consider joining the Cheap Generic Valium Online, powered by Vlaad and Company. This program runs over three days and fully explores best-practice themes, methods, and initiatives to use when transitioning into a superior career stream, re-entering the market, or simply finding a better career.

Want To Buy Valium In Uk
Check out our podcast as Canadian leaders and Influencers share thoughts on life, early influences and what informs good leadership.