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The Voyager Approach

October 3, 2018  

The Voyagers were a group of people who would pack up large amounts of material onto very heavy canoes and travel huge distances, taking their wares to sell at far-off locations. Inevitably, this is not an easy task, especially considering the time in history we are talking about. I’m sure the mosquitoes were five times the size and five times the volume than they are today. On the first day of their journey, the Voyagers would pack up all their canoes and what not and they would only travel a small distance from their original starting location. They did this because inevitably somebody forgot something, the duct tape or the ghetto blaster or, you know, spare batteries. And they’d have to send somebody back. So, they could send one canoe back a short distance – that canoe would catch up and then they would continue on their journey.

Even though they planned for many weeks, mistakes happen. Usually, the problems occur during takeoff and landings. And so we encourage you to use the Voyagers Approach.

If you were to blast a message off to your entire network and you’re wrong, or you’re misguided or you’re off-centre, off-focus, you have essentially burned all these connections; you’ve tainted the entire search process. So the Voyager Approach suggests you try with a small group of people first. Try your approach with a handful of close associates, clean it up, correct it, refocus it and then you can send it off into a larger pool of people. That could be an email blast or telephone calls or your 60 second elevator pitch or all these variables that we’re going to talk about in the rest of this presentation.

However, what I want to make sure everybody is aware of is that the Voyager Approach is just the starting point and that this whole process that we are going through here in the Executive Career Academy is that it’s an iterative process. It’s constant, it’s a living process that is constantly being and changed.

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