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Who is in your Network

August 27, 2018  

What would you define as your current network? Estimate how many people are in that network. Now write down in large groups the types of people that you consider to be within your network. Use categories such as family, friends and colleagues. Star 5-10 of those people you spend most time with. It is said that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.

How are most jobs found? Through your network! Recruiters spends her/his entire career talking to people, working through opportunities in the marketplace and trying to align those opportunities with the right candidate.

Recruiters are often seen as opportunity fruit bowls; that we have all the jobs that are in the marketplace. However, the reality is that the jobs that recruiters represent make up only a portion of market opportunities. It differs between industries and between the levels within those industries, but it has been proven that the majority of jobs are found through an individual’s own network; therefore, what I often say to candidates is, “you already know the person that’s going to help you find the next job.” Managing your network is critical to an effective job search.

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