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Fall Call Follow-Up: PE/VC

February 21, 2020   Tags: , , , , ,

We recently held our annual Fall Call and carved out the PE/VC section for you [Listen Here].

Here are some of the summary points incorporating current hiring and compensation trends:

In the past 5 years, more money has been raised, invested and distributed back to investors than in any period in the industry’s history resulting in a significant increase in demand for financial modeling, origination and structuring Direct Investment professionals. This has created increased compensation packages, more aggressive recruitment processes and creative contract structures to ensure the attraction and retention of top talent. 

2019 is on track for a record year for Canadian buyouts and investment activity, however the industry is expecting a sharp decline in fundraising over the next few years.  Therefore, many firms are adding searches for operations improvement experience and value creation specialists.

The war on finding talent continues, and the increase in secondary markets activity and LP seeking earlier liquidity has spawned firms with different GP/LP arrangements providing different platforms for professionals to consider.

The interview with Kirk Falconer also discussed potentially hot (discount airlines, technology, midstream oil and gas, DIG) and cold (energy/E&P) sectors for PE investment. [Listen Here]

If you have any points you’d like to add, please reply to your Bill’s Buzz email or reach out to We look forward to hearing from you.

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