Diversions, Distractions & Detours

One item on my bucket list is to spend one week in total isolation being absolutely quiet. Those who know me, realize this is nearly impossible. But I believe it would expand my ability to live in my own skin; to become more aware and more accepting. This week, I found another exercise, which if completed while focusing on breathing, patience and eliminating judgement, could also provide personal growth. That “exercise” - is teaching your octogenarian father or mother over a landline how to operate their smart phone! I am sure Boy Scouts and Girl Guides offer badges for this by now. And if I look hard enough I am sure there are support groups for those who have tried and failed. Unfortunately, my landline is a headset, so I couldn’t even get the satisfaction of banging it on a table in frustration.

Mom, Dad, I love you - but come ON!!!


Diversions Distractions & Detours