Diversions, Distractions & Detours

We want to make sure that we define the difference between effective and ineffective networking. What’s the difference? Some people would assume that a wine and cheese event is ineffective. You stand around in a room for an hour and you hobnob with 300 other people that you probably don’t know. And so, for the most part, you’re trying to feel as comfortable as you can with the glass of wine on one hand and scouring the room for someone you might know, when in actual fact, what you’re trying to do is expand beyond your horizons and get out of your comfort zone.

Some people think that networking at the wine and cheese is ineffective. However, you could look at it in two ways. One, this is a room full of people who are also struggling with their current position and wanting to expand their network and therefore, maybe this is not an effective event for you, or two, it is a room of people, who have come together and are willing to meet people and to talk. And therefore, although it is not a room filled with Warren Buffets, they are people who have a certain amount of interest in sharing what they know and in sharing stories

So, I guess really what it comes down to is, every networking opportunity is effective as long as you make it effective and often it requires you to reach more than halfway.


Diversions Distractions & Detours