LinkedIn Profile Pictures

Periodically we come across exceptional LinkedIn profiles - unfortunately, not exceptional in a good way, exceptional in a 'man does he have to show the professional world he has 4 cats' kind of way. So we feel obligated to list the golden rules of what not to do when posting a LinkedIn photo:

  • Rule #1 and Rule #7 - Don't wear a Tuxedo. Don't. The image you think you are conveying is exactly the opposite of what is actually being conveyed. (And if you have a drink in your hand it's worse)
  • Rule #2 - If the best photo you can find is taken from your phone while you are driving, then focus on the road! And LOOK OUT! Maybe today is not the day to throw up a mug shot - some things shouldn't be rushed
  • Rule #3 - If it's a grainy picture of the only time you were on TV, then it's time to rethink your strategy because It-Is-Not-Working
  • Rule #4 - Scarves. For some reason, you just don't seem trust worthy
  • Rule #5 - If someone is leaning over your shoulder admiring your work, pull that shot down today before someone gets hurt
  • Rule #6 - If professional profile means posting your last vacation for all to see doesn't that send the wrong message about work ethic?
  • Rules #8-10 - At all costs avoid props, sunglasses, puppies, babies, hats, speedos, nightclubs, pens, and limousines. Finally and maybe most importantly, avoid stencil caricatures. Enough said!

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