Should Employee Engagement Cost Money?

We sat down at a surprisingly tasty TMAC lunch and presentation on "The Science of Employee Engagement". Addressing the popular topic was the dynamic author and speaker Craig Dowden, Ph.D.

He brought up some shocking research that only 15-35% of employees are engaged in their work. Disturbingly, 1 in 5 are “actively disengaged”, meaning they are potentially harmful to their employer.

Then we heard the science which deduces that financial incentives actually reduce intrinsic motivation and diminishes ethics. Wow. Money really isn't everything.

Thankfully, Mr. Dowden didn’t leave us hanging and provided the room with some easy to remember tips…

The "3 Ps" of how to improve employee engagement:

Progress – people want to see their progress day to day and in their careers.

Positivity – employers should focus on employees successes.

Purpose – make sure employees know why what they do matters.

I am summarizing a one hour presentation in 200 words so if you want more drop by It’s worth the visit.


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