Mentor/Sponser/Teacher (Part Two)

Looking for a Mentor/Sponsor/Teacher?  What do you have to offer them? And how do you actually get one? (If you havent read the previous post on this subject [click here])

Mentors are, in order to embody this title, very good at what they do. They also probably dont waste a lot of time being St. Jude, the Patron Saint of the Helpless. So, you have to find a unique, creative and genuine proposition for them if they are to consider sponsoring you.


Its a two-way street—granted the mentors have probably more to offer and less to gain—but you can still find very creative ways to provide value to the mentor. As an example, you can provide a market map to things which they are not as accessible. Maybe you are 20 years their junior and therefore, you could provide them insight into how the new kidsare doing it, or whats going on ‘out there' in technology. Any person who is very good at something will have deficiencies in other areas, and finding what your mentor might be deficient in and providing a service that will help them understand more about their deficiency could be something that you can give to them in exchange for their patronage. (more to follow)

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