How do recruiters add value?

One thing to recognize is that client’s hire recruiters. There is a perception that if you get involved with a recruiter, there is a premium on your head in terms of what you cost to the firm. This is not correct. A firm has already committed to hiring a third party to do the legwork for the recruiting process. They have already budgeted the cost. And so, usurping that process, going direct to the company, could be counterproductive. There are costs involved in any search. The company has done a cost-benefit analysis to recognize that they would rather have a firm manage the ins and outs of a recruit than doing it themselves. Therefore, your value to a company is not discounted because a recruiter is involved. Recruiters deal with many multiples of resumes more than companies over a similar time period of time. A company that has a recruiter involved knows the value we add and appreciate the fee we charge.  So worry not about dealing directly with us.  We are on the same side.  We want you to work there.

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