Effective Networking Calls - Part 1

1. Smile – A smile and a tone of voice can be detected over the phone. By smiling when you are speaking, the listener will subconsciously interpret this as a signal to relax and not be on guard

2. Stand up – Standing while on a networking call improves confidence. Sitting slouched on the couch while on a call will hurt your posture and confidence. Your confidence, much like your smile can be detected over the phone.

3. Develop a positive telephone attitude – Believe you can solve a problem they are having.

4. Minimize distractions – Find a quiet space or a room with a door you can close to minimize interruptions. Turn the radio and television off when calling from home.

5. Plan your time – Block off chunks of prime time for making your calls and make it part of your daily plan. A solid hour is a good start and it gets you into a rhythm.

6. Be Prepared – Have your script and other numbers you are calling (reducing time in between calls increases effectiveness)

7. Breathe – “Just breathe”.

8. Use their name – People will listen more carefully if they hear their own name. Confirm that you have called the right person by immediately using their name

9. Repeat your name – The first moments of most telephone calls are a blur of confusion. The listener is trying to determine who is calling and what you want. Repeating your name; establishes your identity and gives the listener a chance to collect his or her thoughts.

10. Keep it simple – What is your one objective? Have a clear objective and don’t add too much detail (more on this in future posts).

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