In an interview it is really important to have opinions that you can actually stand behind. Somebody is going to ask you what you think of something. They want to do that for two reasons. One; they probably want to see what your opinion is, but two; they also want to see how you handle providing your opinion. They are not likely to ask you really socially sensitive questions. They may, but they are more likely to get your stance on various investment strategies or various operating companies, and its ok to have an opinion. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re looking for you to have an opinion similar to theirs. However, if you are on the asset management side, your investment style could very well impact whether or not you get further interviews. However, in that case, you should not get a second interview because it goes against your own personal investment philosophy anyway right? So, have an opinion that you truly believe in because you may actually be taken to task on them. 

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