Looking sharp for your interview – Part 1

Colours you wear should be neutral and not outrageous. Walking in wearing a blood red dress, will definitely make you memorable but you have to ask yourself if that is appropriate for the role you are looking to secure. If you keep your colours neutral during the interview, you have less chance of setting someone off. This also goes for men’s dress shirts, ties or fancy coloured socks. You can express your characteristic and your personality beyond the blandness of the interview attire once you have the job in hand.

Hair must be clean, washed and well kept. I have in my years, interviewed many people when you could actually smell their hair and not in a good way. Or a huge swath of facial hair that hasn’t been shaved or parts have been missed in the shave or for that matter two days’ worth of growth. In some businesses, that may be fine, but for an interview, be safe and go with clean cut. Having a beard is not an issue; it just must be maintained and clean. I cannot stress this enough; you will have the opportunity to let your personality come out once you have the job. 


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