Stages of Grief - Part 2

Stage 3: Bargaining

Hope that the you can avoid a cause of grief by offer or accepting considerations you may not have before. You are trying to minimize impact of loss.

“Maybe there’s another job in the company I could do. Maybe if I contact them, they would take me back.”

Stage 4: Depression

A feeling of hopelessness and inability to cope develops. Please consider talking to someone if you feel you have lingered in this stage a prolonged period.

“I’ll never find another job as good as the one I had. No one will want to hire me.”

Stage 5: Acceptance

You embrace the inevitable future. You might achieve a calm retrospective view and a stable condition of emotions. Readiness to accept new beginnings unfolds.

“Maybe there is another job out there I will like better. Now I have the opportunity to go back to school. Now I have the opportunity to tune my skills through the Executive Career Academy powered by Vlaad and Company.”

With each stage and get to the fifth as effectively as possible. Skipping a step isn’t always helpful nor productive.

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