Interview Types

There are many different types of interviews, over the next several weeks we’re going to break down the types. If you remember before, we chatted about the Submission Ladder of Success – trying to get as high up the ladder, recognizing there’s more risk, but noting that higher up the ladder, the greater the chance you’re going to get where you want to be; in this case, the career you want. The same holds true of interviews. Some are riskier than others but potentially provide a better return.

Coffee Interviews

A coffee interview is a very casual interview. In fact, people often assume is not an interview. However, any time you get a chance to disclose your history, your business case and the rationale as to why you would be a solid candidate, it is an interview. A coffee interview is meant to be quick and casual. You have to recognize that it’s in a public space and there may be things that you’re not going to be able to accomplish or disclose relative to other interview types.

Offer to buy the coffee. However, If the other person insists, allow them to purchase. currently in the buying position in terms of talent, so buying your coffee is reasonable.

Try to make your coffee order quick. You don’t want to be spending five minutes of the half hour you have to talk with the person, in line dealing with something complicated.

In advance of the interview, make sure you give good descriptions as to what you look like. There have been many there have been be no fewer than 10 people waiting outside my favourite coffee spot. Try to pick a location where there are actual places to sit and if the store itself is too busy, maybe there is an open food court or outdoor seating to have conversation.

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