Video Interviews

Video interviews can be very useful, but they can also be distracting. Consider your environment; ensure you situate yourself in a low traffic area where you won’t have people walking through the background. Secondly, try to keep your audio from being distracting. Try to manage your microphone and your sound system such that you can hear the interviewer without any feedback or echoe. It is critical that you guarantee a strong connection. There is nothing worse than having a great dialogue interrupted by a poor connection.

Most importantly - look at the camera. It may feel natural to look at the interviewer, or yourself on the screen, however, it will appear as if you’re looking at the floor. If you need to put a piece of paper across your computer screen, or something to block the video output so that your focus on is the video input, then do so. It will drastically increase your chances of communicating with the individual because you’re looking directly at them.

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