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Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income (Rates)

Location Toronto
Job Type Full Time
As a Portfolio Manager leading the Fixed Income Rates group, you will report to the Chief Investment Officer. You will have direct experience in risk-taking and portfolio management from a top-down macro, and bottom-up micro, perspective across the G10 rates markets. The role is based in Toronto, Canada.

  • Team leadership - The Vice President, Portfolio Manager (Fixed Income) will lead and mentor an effective team of between five and 10 fixed income investment professionals within a fast-paced, dynamic environment. The team members will develop such that their efforts will be increasingly additive to the team’s and the organization’s successful results, with high staff retention on a year-over-year basis.
  • Collaborative workstyle – The successful candidate will facilitate a high level of collaboration both within the Fixed Income Rates group, and among other investment teams. This collaboration will support effective analysis and convincing investment theses that lead to firmwide success and a positive, learning culture.
  • Ability to think and invest holistically – The Vice President, Portfolio Manager (Fixed Income) will appreciate and support our client’s approach to investing, that promotes the belief that investment decisions should not be made in isolation, and that successful investments rely on decision-making within a finely balanced global financial ecosystem that has related and intertwined factors. The successful candidate will leverage the views and analysis of his or her colleagues, and a deep and relevant global network to understand the interrelationship among these drivers and to apply them to investment decisions to the ultimate advantage of the firm's clients.
  • A minimum of 10 years of global fixed-income market experience including fixed income execution and risk-taking with a proven track record;
  • A focus on the understanding of fixed income rates with respect to pricing, risks and portfolio construction, with specific expertise in G10 rates;
  • A minimum of five years of experience effectively managing portfolio asset mix;
  • Extensive global foreign exchange (FOREX) market experience including development of FOREX strategy;
  • Strong fundamental and quantitative analysis skills;
  • Insights into the Global Policy Making Community;
  • A university degree, preferably in Economics, Finance or Business, or equivalent experience;
  • Successful completion of the Chartered Financial Analyst program (CFA Charterholder); and,
  • Proficiency in French is an asset.
  • Demonstrated excellence in written and verbal communication, including the ability to effectively present in formal settings, to support ideas with evidence-based arguments and to communicate recommendations effectively;
  • Self-awareness and maturity;
  • The ability to listen, and to accept a variety of viewpoints;
  • Collaborative and team-oriented; must be able to work in a team environment;
  • An independent thinker and self-starter; must be able to work independently when required;
  • A strong sense of business ethics and keen awareness of evolving market regulations; and,
  • A passion and enthusiasm for capital markets and global fixed-income investing.
If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please contact:
Mark Stipe (mark@vlaadco.com) OR Lisa Newey (lisa@vlaadco.com)

Please send your resume to Lisa Newey.

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