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S2E7: Randy Cass, Founder of Nest Wealth and Fintech Innovator

December 19, 2017  

Randy Cass is our guest in this episode of the CLiP. He is the founder and CEO of Nest Wealth, a Canadian Robo Advisor.  If you are not familiar with this term, a robo advisor is a service that uses specialized software to do the job of wealth managers or investment advisors.  It manages your money at a fraction of the cost of a traditional professional investment advisor. Nest Wealth is not a multi-billion dollar company…yet.

We have a candid discussion with Randy about being an entrepreneur, his successes and failures along the way and what leadership lessons he learned.  He talks about the various iterations of his career that got him to the point of having one of the most talked about robo advisory companies in the country.

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